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Organic and Natural Flavors in the Service of Health

Did you know that organic and natural flavors are increasingly in demand and align perfectly with the global “healthy” trend demanded by consumers and, consequently, by many companies in the agri-food industry? Organic and natural flavors provide greater transparency and contribute to the composition and respectable image of “clean label” brands. In their quest for naturalness, they strive to offer products that combine taste, texture pleasure, and high quality in terms of composition, in various areas such as confectionery, biscuits, ice cream, beverages, dairy products, ready-made meals, sauces, and snacks.

What is a natural flavor?

To describe a flavor as “natural,” the term can only be legally used if the flavoring element exclusively includes preparations and/or substances from natural sources.

What is a natural X flavor?

This designation guarantees that at least 95% of the flavoring component comes from the named source. Presented in liquid, powder, paste, or emulsion form, these natural flavors can meet community certifications such as kosher or halal.

What is a certified organic flavor?

Certified in Europe by Ecocert – an independent organization approved by INAO (National Institute of Origin and Quality) – organic food flavors contain exclusively natural raw materials, of which at least 95% come from organic farming.

Since January 2022, only natural X flavors – certified organic or not – can be used in organic products. AROMATECH’s expertise in natural and organic flavors has enabled it to support its clients through this change. Only high-performance laboratories, such as AROMATECH, can offer the best certified organic flavors.

Thanks to their unrivaled olfactory and gustatory characteristics, AROMATECH’s organic and natural flavors meet all the requirements of European regulation.

The benefits of natural flavors

Guarantors of a healthy diet, natural flavors have the primary funcGon of providing flavors closer to those delivered by nature.

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