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Our CSR politics

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Giving meaning to our actions by making our convictions speak allows us to write the committed history of Aromatech.

Benoit Martel (left)
General manager

Yvan Grattarola (right)
Deputy General Director
Director of Group Aromatech BENOIT MARTEL and YVAN GRATTAROLA

Our family group has grown over the past 30 years and now represents 6 locations worldwide. A primarily human adventure that has led us to become aware of disparities between different countries and to act around values ​​as fundamental as healthy and sustainable food, respect for our planet , youth education and health.

A pioneer and leader in the field of natural and organic flavors, it is collectively that we wish to act for a better future. We want to offer our employees the opportunity to participate and relay our approach to our parties, stakeholders but also that of raising awareness among our suppliers

and customers by thinking about and building long-lasting partnerships hand in hand.

Our actions and our commitments are managed and monitored by all the employees of the Aromatech group, supported by a trained and motivated CSR team.
We ensure the proper integration of our approach on a daily basis through monthly reporting to our Committee of management.

Giving meaning to our actions by making our convictions speak allows us to write the committed history of Aromatech.

Our 7 pillars

Accompanied for several months by a consulting firm in sustainable and responsible strategy, we benefit from external expertise whose methodology and tools are based on the fundamentals of ISO 26000. A universal reference, perfectly adapted to the Aromatech group.

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Community &

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Humans Rights

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Relations & working conditions

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Fair practices

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collaborative approach

Our collaborative approach aims to enhance the business expertise of our employees by reflecting, listing and formalizing the group’s commitments together. The constitution of a CSR team and the designation of an internal referent are pillars in the proper implementation of our approach. We ensure that our main stakeholders are with us in this reflection.

It is thanks to the work of everyone and in a process of continuous improvement that we formalize our commitments each year based on the priority issues of the group, in line with our sector & our ambitions.

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Professional gender equality index

Calculated each year in companies with 50 or more employees, the Gender Equality Index aims to strengthen diversity and inclusion, by measuring pay gaps between women and men.

Implemented by the French Law of September 5, 2018 this system also enlightens potential axis of progression and levers on which the company can rely, to act and advance equality.

In accordance with legal provisions, Aromatech France publishes the level of its Index for the second year running.

The Index is scored out of 100 points. It is calculated on the basis of the following 4 indicators, over a 12-months reference period:

  • The pay gap between women and men
  • The difference in the distribution of individual salary increases
  • The number of employees who benefit from a salary increase after a maternity leave
  • Parity among the 10 highest wages

Our results for 2024, based on 2023 data, are:

  • Pay gap between women and men out of 40 points: 31/40
  • Difference in the distribution of individual salary increases: 35/35
  • Number of employees who benefit from a salary increase after a maternity leave: 0/15.
  • Parity among the 10 highest wages: 10/10

Final score: 76/100

In accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, improvement goals must be published when the company’s results in the Gender Equality Index are below 85 points. These goals are set only for indicators for which the company has not achieved the maximum score. Aromatech is committed to publish its progress goals in the near future and to pursue its actions in terms of professional gender equality, through the deployment of strong commitments, resulting from its CSR Policy