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Quality, our daily common thread

Quality assurance

Process operation

ISO-FSSC 22000 certified, Aromatech is organized into business processes. Each process has its own key indicators, annual objectives and action monitoring dashboard. To guarantee an upward and downward flow of information, as well as the principle of subsidiarity, three types of committees are deployed: operational, steering and management. These committees ensure the achievement of objectives and the monitoring of action plans. All processes are audited annually internally and during certification renewal audits.

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Product quality

To guarantee the quality and food safety of raw materials and finished products, Aromatech has two internal expert laboratories :

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Raw material control laboratory

Each incoming raw material (referenced or new) is validated by analyzes defined by the control plan. These analyzes are specific to each type of raw material and are based on state-of-the-art equipment (GC-MS, HPLC, SPME, SPE, etc.).

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Finished products laboratory

For each batch of finished product, we ensure through analyzes (physico-chemical, bacteriological and organoleptic) of perfect compliance with the specifications provided by the technical sheet.

The HACCP and Food Fraud teams, made up of internal and external experts, constantly monitor fraud and contamination, monitor compliance with control plans on a daily basis and meet regularly to validate the effectiveness of the system and integrate changes.

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Regulatory Affairs

All our flavors have their technical data sheet and their safety data sheet. Our Regulatory Affairs department ensures that the information mentioned therein complies with regulations specific to each country, certifications (halal, kosher, organic) and customer specificities. The technical characteristics (origins, allergens, GMOs, etc.) of all our raw materials are checked and regularly updated.
The service ensures permanent international regulatory monitoring, allowing us to anticipate and integrate changes.

Certifications of our products

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, most of our flavors benefit from the following certifications:
- Kosher Certification
- Halal Certified
- EU Organic Certification (by Ecocert) & USA (by QAI)

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