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Sweet & savory flavors

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The Aromatech Group designs, produces and markets food flavors intended for all application sectors of the food industry.

The 8 Group's Research & Innovation centers are spread across our Business Units and our partners. They work closely with the sales and marketing teams to offer new products in line with global consumer trends, changing food preferences and legislative constraints.

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The different types of flavors

Aromatech Natural Flavour


Oil-soluble and water-soluble

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- simple mixing by impregnation
- encapsulation by atomization or granulation

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Our flavors are custom-developed by our flavorists around the world. They are perfectly adapted to the consumers expectations, to their processes to the legislation in force.

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The product ensures an identical taste to the target, created using ingredients from non-natural sources

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Natural flavor

The product is composed of ingredients from natural sources

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WONF (USA) With Other Natural Flavors

The product contains ingredients from the named source and additional flavor notes taken from other natural sources

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Natural X Flavor (ANX)

The product will be 95% from the target source that will provide the taste + 5% from other natural flavoring sources

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Extract (Europe) or FTNF Flavor (USA)

The product only contains ingredients that come directly from the target source

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Certified organic flavors

The product is a certified organic ANX or extract (by Ecocert in Europe and QAI, NOP in USA)

Our sales team is at your service

Our sales team is at your disposal to guide you in the best possible way in a personalized approach (budget, availability of raw materials, type of solubility, desired aromatic intensity, etc.).

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Our flavors meet specific customer demand and agri-food market trends that take into account local tastes, the desired aromatic impact and cultural specificities.

Our expertise in natural flavours for your food Aromatech

Sweet flavors Designer

For sweet applications such as confectionery, pastry, biscuits, etc. our team of flavorists develops aromatic proposals oriented towards pleasure, indulgence and sensory discovery.

Aromatech product jars made with our natural flavours

Savory flavors Designer

With more than 20 years of expertise in the development of savory flavors and flavorings, Aromatech has grown considerably in this market in recent years. A team of flavorists dedicated to this specific market formulates technically complex products and flavors that meet new trends and consumer taste expectations.

Functional taste expertise

Our R&I (Research and Innovation) team offers you a complete range of taste modulators to respond to the functional issues concerning your product:

– Solutions to reduce salt / sugar / fat products

– Masking vegetal off-notes

– Flavor enhancers (umami, toasted notes, smoky notes etc.)

Our flavors are tested under real manufacturing conditions in our Applications laboratory to consider the process constraints that our customers may encounter (in particular after cooking). The various tasting sessions that we organize allow us to obtain the most relevant reviews in order to finalize a project as soon as possible.

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Each year, the Aromatech Group enriches its various ranges of sweet and savory flavors on key themes and is inspired by market products that are the current trend in the agri-food sector.

More information on our different ranges adapted to the market according to your geolocation: