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Production Department at the cutting edge of technology
“Aromatech has an automated, flexible and evolving production tool divided into different specialized process units depending on the types of flavors produced.”

Each process is equipped with different-sized equipment that allows batches production of varying quantities, (from a few kilograms to several tonnes), while ensuring quality, cost-effectiveness, and production deadlines.

Aromatech natural flavour production plant in Grasse

The aromatic hearts, which require multiple precision weighings and which require more than 1,500 different raw materials, are produced by 3 weighing robots which carry out more than 100,000 weighings per year.

Each production process has its own “laboratory pilot” version to guarantee the efficiency of innovation transfers from R&I to production.

All production equipment complies with health and safety standards and is designed to minimize water and energy consumption.

Laboratory for the creation of our natural flavours Aromatech

The production staff follow a training plan every year allowing them to continuously develop their skills, maintain their versatility and adapt to new equipment.

The production team is organized according to the Lean Manufacturing method: it meets every day around key indicators to ensure that objectives are achieved and to determine immediate action plans in the event of deviations.

The team is fully involved in projects to improve our production processes, from design to implementation.

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