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Since 2011, the Aromatech group has been strengthening its international presence, in particular through solid partnerships established with renowned companies in the food industry.

This association allows us to join forces in order to achieve a common objective, to manage the specific challenges of the sweet and savory agri-food markets.


Shanghai Apple Aromatech Flavors Technology Co., Ltd. Joint venture

Since 2011

Founded in 1996 in Shanghai, Apple Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd is recognized as the leader in food flavorings in China.

After opening a subsidiary in 2003, Aromatech and Shanghai Apple Flavor & Fragrance were able to assess their respective strengths in 2010, which were pooled the following year to create a Joint Venture: Shanghai Apple Aromatech Flavors Technology Co, ltd.

This unique association brings together the commercial power and industrial performance of Apple Flavor & Fragrance and the technological expertise of Aromatech, particularly in terms of natural and organic flavors.

The philosophy of this Joint Venture will be developed in 2022 by the opening of a joint R&I laboratory between Aromatech and the Indonesian subsidiary of Shanghai Apple, PT Apple Indonesia.

Aromatech partners office in China
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Shanghai Apple Aromatech Flavors Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 33 Caoxin Road, Jiading District SHANGHAI, 201809

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+86 21 5994 01 90


Partnership with FSL in Dubai

Since 2013

A union based on the meeting of the R&I and industrial expertise of Aromatech with the commercial and marketing know-how of distribution giant : FSL.

Located in Dubai, an R&I laboratory has been created. Our partnership is established in ten markets.

Partenaire Aromatech FSL
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PO Box 17135, JAFZA, Dubai

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+971 4 8812568


Partnership with VAN HEES

Since 2019

VAN HEES has more than 75 years of experience in the field of spices, additives and marinades for meat products.

The expertise of Aromatech combined with the technological skills of VAN HEES make the success of this partnership on the international agri-food market for savory products.

On top of that, our two companies share a family business culture where customer satisfaction is a top priority.

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Kurt-van-Hees-Straße 1, 65396 Walluf, Germany

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+49 6123 708240

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We are very attached to the quality of service offered to our customers. This is one of the main reasons why we are present on all continents, covering some fifty countries.

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