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CSR: Commitment That Benefits Everyone

CSR is not just a series of meaningful actions to prove one’s values. When it comes to environmental, social, and societal
aspects, the voluntary contribution of companies to sustainable development challenges, both in their activities and in their
interactions with partners, has become a guarantee of transparency for a long-term committed company. Nowadays,
companies must consider their social and environmental impact to succeed in their long-term development. Adopting a
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy offers numerous advantages, particularly for companies in the agri-food sector.

Brand Image and Benefits

The adoption of a CSR policy offers numerous advantages for a company, both internally and externally. Firstly, CSR
enhances the company’s reputation and brand image. Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of
ethical and sustainable practices. By adopting a CSR policy, a company demonstrates its strong commitment to society and
the environment, which can build trust among customers and consumers, encouraging them to choose its products or
services over those of the competition. A positive reputation can also attract new customers and foster loyalty among
existing ones.

Team Motivation

Furthermore, a CSR policy can contribute to attracting and retaining a dedicated workforce. Employees are increasingly
concerned about working for companies that have a positive impact on society. By integrating CSR practices, a company
becomes more attractive to potential candidates and can retain its talent by creating a motivating work environment that
aligns with their values. Moreover, employees engaged in a CSR policy generally feel more valued and tend to be more
productive, creative, and motivated.

Cost Savings

An effective CSR policy generally leads to financial savings for the company. By adopting sustainable practices such as energy
efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible resource use, a company can reduce its long-term operational costs. For
example, implementing more energy-efficient production processes can lower electricity bills, while waste reduction can
limit expenses related to disposal. Additionally, certain CSR initiatives can provide access to tax incentives and government

Environmental Preservation

In the face of the climate emergency, companies must pay particular attention to the environmental impacts associated with
their activities. By making strong commitments to water consumption, transitioning to LED lighting in their facilities,
reducing packaging, measuring their digital footprint, and promoting sustainable agriculture for their raw materials,
companies can make a difference at their level and move in the right direction.

Knowing How to Engage

By adopting a CSR policy, a company positions itself as a responsible and engaged actor in society. This can strengthen its
relationships with stakeholders, including shareholders, suppliers, regulatory authorities and local communities.
Stakeholders often have expectations regarding CSR. By meeting these expectations, a company can establish sustainable
relationships of trust and benefit from increased support. Furthermore, a company committed to CSR is better prepared to
face challenges and regulatory changes, which can contribute to its long-term stability and growth.

Aromatech’s CSR Policy

Accompanied by several experts over several months, using the methodology and tools based on the fundamentals of ISO
26000*, Aromatech, a specialist in natural and organic flavors for over 20 years, has adopted a CSR policy based on 7 pillars,
which can be discovered on its website: https://aromatechgroup.com/en/our-csr-policy/
• Link to download the ISO 26000 brochure: https://www.iso.org/en/publication/PUB100258.html

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