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Focus on innovation for all projects

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The Aromatech Group has always given an essential place to research and innovation, to which it devotes 10% of its turnover each year.

As part of proactive approaches, our sales, marketing and R&I teams collaborate on creative range development projects, anticipating or adapting to trends in the food industry market.

Every month, find a savory or sweet innov’ flavor created by a flavorist from one of the R&I laboratories of the Aromatech Group.

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Our Latest Innov' Flavor

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'Tasty Morning' Flavor

Discover our 'Tasty Morning' flavor, created by the R&I laboratory of Aromatech USA which reveals all the flavors of a peanut butter cup cereal.
A typical morning routine in the United States!
This liquid flavor will bring delicacy to your sweet applications such as dairy product, ice cream, pastry, dessert cream and snack.
Its organoleptic profile is characterized by sweet notes of peanut butter, milk, chocolate and puffed cereals.

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